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Namvaran Upstream as an upstream engineering company, provides the wide range of services to upstream Oil & Gas industry. NUP’s Services could be categorized as:

 Upstream Engineering

The main field of activities in Namvaran Upstram is Upstream Engineering studies and consultancy. Regarding our experience in engineering, we combined knowledge and technology and serve our clients.

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 Lab. Services

Namvaran Upstream as a member and leader of FANAZMA group, provides wide range of labratory services such as Geomechanics testing and analysis, core and fluid testing and interpretation of the result for reservoir analysis.

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Relying on our exclusive international supply chain, Namvaran upstream, can supply a wide range of high quality oil and gas equipment with a reasonable price.

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NamvaranUpstream training department provides a wide range of professional training courses in both normal and virtual courses for upstream industry. In this direction, we have access to the newest online training technology as well as expert instructors.

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