Procurement Supply

We are active in different fields of supplying the Oil and Gas (upstream and downstream) procurement in Iran. We are able to  provide all required equipment from the valuable international vendors.

Also Namvaran Upstream has Exclusive Representative of FAFECO (Furnace & Faundry Equipment Co.) company.

We can supply the following items but not limited to this list


01 - Gas and Steam Turbine Main Components


02 - Supply All Main Electrical Equipment & Instrumentation Systems


03 - BOP Electrical & Mechanical Auxiliary Equipment Such as Transformers, All Kinds of Cables, Valves, Pumps & Other Related Equipment with Different Capacies.


04 - Bridge Plug & Cement Retainer


05 - Floating Eqp.،Cement Plugs ،Stab in Float Shoe & Collar،Cement  Basket، Stage Collar،Single & Double Conventional/Top Drive Cement Head


06 - Mechanical & Hydraulic Set/Release Liner Hangers


07 - Hydraulic & Mechanical Packer Systems


08 - Seal Bore Packer System Permanent & Retrievable


09 - Production &Test Packer Retrievable


10 - Flow Control Equipment such as Seating Nipple،Sliding & Separation Sleeve،Lock Mandrel etc.


11 - Casing Clean up Tools


12 - Liner Hanger & Monobore Completion


13- Casing and casing shoes in different sizes


14 - Bits in different sizes


15- Liner hanger and downhole completion systems


16 - Stabilizers and Centralizers


17 - High tensile stainless steel wire, rigging items like bigger sizes of Steel wire rope, Slings, etc.


18 - Process equipment skid mounted (Manifold).


19 - Pumps with Electric motor or Engine driven on a skid with normal or Flameproof/Explosion proof enclosures


20 - Explosion/Flameproof proof panels, equipment from bulb holder to telephone


21 - Stainless steel hoses in different sizes


22 - Different types of valves, flanges and etc…