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Corporate overview
NamvaranPooyeshBaladasti (Namvaranupstream) was established in 2012 as a JSC to provide research and engineering services, to develop new technologies, provide procurement and managerial services, consultancy and training in upstream industries. With valuable experts in both managerial and engineering team, the company is prepared to render internationally acceptable front end study as well as design and engineering services in the Oil and Gas Projects. The NUP’s vision is to achieve significant international market shares.

“We maintain that “we can” is not a mere slogan”.

The main Mission of the company is to provide quality service in each line of activities. In this regard, we set our priorities on the training and updating our staff in line with international standards

Vision & Mission
We are to become the most trusted provider of comprehensive and innovative solutions in Upstream Oil and gas industry challenges in and out of the country (Iran). Moreover OUR MISSION is to provide quality engineering to our clients by our experience and skill through optimizing cost with original technical and business solutions.

Management & Key Personnel
  • Chairman of the Board (F.Ardeshirian)
  • Managing Director (H.Ahmadi)
  • Member of the Board (H.Karimi)
  • Head of Geomechanics Department (A.Yaghoubi)
  • Head of Geology & Geophysics Department(A.Vatanchi)
  • Head of Reservoir Eng. Department (Dr. H.Behzad Asiri)
  • Geomechanics Advisor(R.Sanajian)
  • Resevoir Eng. Advisor(Dr. A.Sajadian)
Organization chart

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In accordance to the growing business requirements, Namvaran Upstram have succeeded to earn several certificates from individual accredition bodies:

ISO 9001-2015
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Our Partners
Finding good business partners is critical to the success of growing businesses. Our network of alliances and partners enable us to offer your organisation only the best services and solutions. Collaboration is the key to stimulating significant business growth, after all.

OPES International Pty Ltd
is a Petroleum Engineering consultancy offering a wide range of Reservoir and Production Engineering services to its clients. From exploration, drilling and reservoir engineering to economic modelling and field development planning, the OPES team can accept any challenge and deliver results of exceptional value to clients. ...
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CMG began in 1978 as a small research company based in Calgary, Canada. Quickly, CMG became known for its expertise in heavy oil, and has expanded this knowledge into all aspects of reservoir flow and advanced processes modelling. Since inception, CMG has been providing the ultimate customer experience through our ...
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Petro Makhzan Kav
As a private laboratory service provider, PMK strive to respect the clients, communities and environments in which we do business. Throughout our 5 years experience, PMK has built a solid and reliable reputation. The principles of integrity and ethical conduct are paramount in everything we do and we take this responsibility very seriously. ...
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Curtin University
Curtin University is Western Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse university with Australia’s third largest international student population.
Since our inception, we have taken an innovative approach towards teaching and research. Our campuses are vibrant, welcoming spaces that value diversity ....
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Since the 1950s, the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) has been hooked on soil, rock and snow. In fact, much of our geotechnical expertise is in demand in several parts of the world – from Bhutan to Bodø. NGI develops socially beneficial solutions and offers expertise on soil, rock and snow and their effect on ...
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Namvaran Pazhouhesh va Tose-a
Namvaran Pazhouhesh va Tose-a (Namvaran P&T) is a private joint stock company, established in 2008 with the main objective to serve the Iranian Petroleum Industry in the capacity of process technology development. ...

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Chamaan has a long and rich history in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical sphere. We started as a small company and have made a lot of efforts to become the leader in this field. We praise our clients and quality of work. We welcome people to get acquaintance with our company, our history, team and projects we’ve made. ...
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Golden Gamp
Golden Gamp is a private joint stock company, established in 2008 in Malaysia, provides Engineering and Procurement Services to industries including Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical & Food industries. We are also involved in NANO Technology by investing in R&D activities and product development. ...
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GO GEO Engineering (GO GEO) was founded in Pau, France to bring to the oil and gas industry the software platform and expertise needed to successfully build the software required to enhance productivity, and improve the efficiency of oil and gas extraction. ...

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FIP (folowrd) Engineering Company is a leading creator, developer, and integrator of instrumentation and geomechanical/Geotechnical tests in support of large sized infrastructure projects. We know the key to sustainable success lies not only in envisioning and planning for the future ...
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Azmouneh Foulad Co.
مهندسین مشاور آزمونه فولاد همزمان با آغاز دوران سازندگی و به دنبال سیاست خصوصی‌سازی دولت در سال 1371 تشکیل و از بدنه شرکت سهامی ذوب آهن اصفهان جدا شد و با در اختیار گرفتن کلیه متخصصین و تجهیزات آزمایشگاهی، فعالیت‌های خود را در زمینه انجام آزمایش‌های مقاومت مصالح، آزمایش‌های مکانیکی فلزات و آزمایش‌های غیرمخرب جوش آغاز نمود. ...

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TATNEFT is one of the largest Russian oil companies today and is an internationally recognized vertically integrated holding. The industrial complex of the Company includes steadily developing enterprises of crude oil and gas production, petroleum refining, petrochemicals production, the...
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PetroAzma and its distinguished partners and associates are among the vanguards in providing high quality specialized lab instruments and services in the West Asia. The company is formed through close collaboration of a group of petroleum industry experts, experienced businessmen, entrepreneurs, technopreneurs and faculties and alumni’s of the school of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering department of ...
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NAPTA International
FARSA Energy Jonoob Company was originally incorporated in Shiraz, Iran in 2006 as a pipeline services company. After initial involvement in several development projects in the mainly gas pipeline distribution networks, FARSA was contracted in 2010 by Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC) to get involved in the Cathodic Protection of onshore pipelines as the first of a kind local pipeline inspection company in Iran....
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شرکت « گسترش فن آوري هاي برتر ناموران » در پايان سال 1386 در پاسخ به نياز روز افزون شرکتهاي فعال در صنايع بزرگ کشور برای دستيابي به سامانه هاي پيشرفته اطلاعاتي، از شرکت مادر خود « مهندسين مشاور ناموران » جدا شد.
مهندسين مشاور ناموران با بيش از 30 سال تجربه در زمينه مشاوره، مديريت، طراحي و اجراي پروژه‌هاي صنايع مختلف، اکنون نامی آشنا در میان شرکتهای پیشرو و فعال در صنعت نفت، گاز، پتروشيمي و صنايع معادن و فلزات کشور مي­باشد. از ابتدای سال 1364 این شرکت با درک نقش راهبردی فن آوری بعنوان يکي از مزاياي اصلي رقابت، و تأثیر آن ....
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Building and managing workforces across the global energy and resources industry.

Competentia is more than a staffing company; we combine our long experience in the industry with a continuing commitment to innovation to provide a different level of customer service.....

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Assured of Engineering